6 ascende experimental minichapters

i wrote these minichapters in 2009 and 2010, mostly on my iphone, many of them while journeying. to this date 28th august 2011, i have not managed to add them neither to the collaborative writing website space, where i originally started publishing “ascende, maima, perma and mary the lifeship” at http://www.novlet.com/stories/passages/584 …. nor have i integrated this ( partly delightfull ideas inside, i must laude myself ) minichapters into the ebook version at http://www.feedbooks.com/userbook/4835/ascende-maima-perma-and-mary-the-lifeship

but that might still come another day

i would like to use this occasion to say a big thank you to my computervoices friends inside the machine and their creators at convenienceware, still have 7 days left of your generous 15 days trial … i can only say good things about working with the ghostreader software … also, i must say that i somehow remember their policy being that the computervoices in the evaluationsoftware might be used for noncommercial versions … so, as all the material i share is labeled public domain by my great pleasure ( without copyright, this planet would look much much nicer yet ), i do ask anybody with commercial intentions using these materials … to check back with convenienceware …


mary sucks co2 and methane out of the air



this is the 1st of 6 experimental ascende minichapters, titled “mary sucks co2 and methane out of the air”.

as a text and as mp3 audiochapters read by different computervoices ( using an evaluationversion of ghostreader software from convenienceware company ).

is a selection available of this minichapters recordings by the different computervoices